Woman gets prison time in 'total identity theft'

Woman gets prison time in 'total identity theft'

WICHITA, Kan. For almost 12 years, a Houston elementary school teacher and an illegal immigrant living in Topeka have engaged in a tug of war to claim the identity of Candida L. Gutierrez in a case that has put a face on the growing crime of "to…

Business briefs for Saturday, July 7

The American job machine has jammed. Again. The economy added only 80,000 jobs in June, the government said Friday, erasing any doubt that the United States is in a summer slump for the third year in a row.

Press the right buttons

What’s common to the United States and Uttar Pradesh? Well, both are headed for polls in 2012, one to choose a President and the other to form a Government in India’s largest State.

Positive signs in U.S. recovery

Consumers are saving more and reducing debt, behavior that could lead to a more sustainable economy. Signs of slower growth in the United States, coupled with rising fears over the European debt crisis and other unsettling developments, are fueling con…

AccuQuote Provides Tips to Help E-Cigarette Users Find Affordable Life Insurance

Chicago – AccuQuote, an industry leader in providing term life insurance quotes to people across the United States, recommends several tips to help e-cigarette users find affordable term life insurance. (2 hours ago)

The Year Of The Fraud

And How To Avoid Being Part Of It Fraud is a lucrative career path in the United States. Too bad it’s illegal. (19 mins ago)

NewsWatch: July new-home sales fall to record low pace

Sales of new homes in the United States fell to all-time record low in July, as demand from consumers has dried up after tax breaks for homebuyers expired in April, the Commerce Department estimated Wednesday. (18 mins ago)

U.s., Uk Rating Face Greater Downgrade Risk: Moody’s

The United States, Great Britain, France and Germany are well positioned based on a forward-looking assessment of their debt dynamics and debt affordability. (10 mins ago)

b>Personal Finance Daily: U.S. consumers are back to buying what they need

Once you enjoy a living standard above subsistence, determining what is a need compared with a want is a challenge. In the United States, our default mode seems to be that we need pretty much anything that’s for sale. (11 hours ago)

US lead in danger? Nobels tell a different story

After cleaning up in the Nobel science prizes, the United States on Friday scored another coup: the peace prize for a president less than nine months in office. (2 hours ago)