Senate Rejects One-Year Return to Lower Student Loan Rate

Senate Rejects One-Year Return to Lower Student Loan Rate

Senate Republicans blocked Democratic legislation to reinstate the 3.4 percent interest rate on a popular loan for low-income students, continuing a congressional impasse over college financial aid.

5 Common Private Student Loan Complaints

Borrowers report not making enough to pay back their loans, among other issues.

The student loan crisis everyone saw coming

President Obama has fought hard to ease the student-debt burden, but Republicans threaten his fragile gains

Sallie Mae Reports Second-quarter Financial Results

Sallie Mae today released second-quarter 2011 financial results that reflected increased student loan originations and improved student loan delinquencies. (1 day ago)

Money available for college students

Knowledge is the most import thing to have because nobody can take it from you. But it seems that it is getting harder for us to get a good education these days. Mostly because of financial problems, this could be frustrating especially if you know that you will do great if only you are given [...]

College is expensive, but so is ignorance

Stepping into college is one of the most expensive endeavors that one can have in their lifetime, but the importance of a college education makes it all worthwhile. That’s why it is important to have that college education no matter what the cost maybe, besides there are many ways to finance yourself through college with [...]