Weak earnings drag US stocks lower in early trade

Weak earnings drag US stocks lower in early trade

NEW YORK After hitting a record high the day before, the stock market moved lower in early trading Thursday as investors reacted to disappointing results from Best Buy, Citigroup and the railroad operator CSX.

Stock market hits record after Fed keeps stimulus

NEW YORK The stock market hit a record high Wednesday after the Federal Reserve's surprise decision to keep its economic stimulus in place.

Stock market has largely recovered, but more investors playing it safer

As Europe's debt crisis reached a boil earlier this year, John Began jettisoned his investments in stock funds with foreign holdings.

Experts don’t see recession

It is easy enough to find someone on Wall Street to say that the wild ride in August for the stock market does not foreshadow another Great Recession.

Factoring Fear into the Future

From a plunge in the stock market to a disappointing credit rating for the country, the stability of today’s financial market is on the minds of many. Mississippians are left wondering what it means for them and what it could mean for the future of the…

A primer on small-cap stocks hitting record high

It’s challenging to get a handle on where the economy is headed. The stock market rises on promising corporate earnings one day, only to slide on disappointing jobs data the next. Still, records are being set. (4 hours ago)

The promise and peril of master limited partnerships

Master limited partnerships – relatively obscure, high-yielding investments that flourished over the past decade while the rest of the stock market stagnated – are attracting a lot of attention. Maybe too much, in the view of some of their fans. (4 hours ago)

Personal Finance Daily: Good news on gas prices, but stocks? Not so much

Looks like gasoline prices will be on the low side this weekend, and maybe even through June, but whatever money you save at the pump probably won’t make up for what you lost in the stock market. (12 mins ago)

Personal Finance Daily: On days like this, annuities look better than ever

Days like this are not helpful for the millions of Americans who are relying at least partly on the stock market to help grow their measly retirement savings. And I know for sure I don’t want to worry about the stock market gyrating like this when I’m happily retired. (19 hours ago)

NewsWatch: Stocks turn to jobs woes, as new quarter starts

The stock market will start the coming week on edge about news from the job market, as investors turn to a new month and a new quarter seeking clues on whether the huge rally in stocks has gotten ahead of itself. (37 mins ago)