Kevin Hunt: Don't Fall For It!

Kevin Hunt: Don't Fall For It!

All rested up from a leisurely summer? Then let's expend some energy fighting off spammers, scammers, telemarketers and identity thieves. Here are a few basics every consumer should know:

AG: Summer job seekers be watchful of scams

Attorney General Linda Kelly warned in a press release Friday that high school and college students, along with adults searching for a temporary summer job, should be on the lookout for scammers who t

US dating agencies battle sex, financial predators

LOS ANGELES, California – Three major US online dating agencies have pledged action to protect users from sexual predators and financial scammers, California's attorney general said Tuesday.

How to block Twitter spam & scams right now

Twitter has acquired cybersecurity firm Diasent, which will soon make Twitter ads safe and malware-free. But here are a few tips for protecting yourself from Twitter spammers and scammers right now.

Scammers using social media

SA Consumer Affairs Minister Gail Gago says social media is making it easier for scammers to dupe victims. (2 hours ago)

Scam targets Texans who had personal data leaked

SAN ANTONIO – The state attorney general’s office is warning that telephone scammers are targeting about 3.5 million Texans who had Social Security numbers and other personal information inadvertently exposed to the public. (2 hours ago)

Personal Finance Daily: Scammers use the U.S. Census in phone calls

I just received a phone call that’s likely a scam related to the U.S. Census. While we usually use this portion of our Personal Finance Daily to highlight one of our feature stories of the day, I decided instead to use this space to describe this phone call as a reminder for readers that fraudsters always use news of the day — such as the current Census — to lure in people. (3 days ago)

Start planning for college financial aid in high school

Every year, the price of college tuition increases and the cost of getting higher education becomes even more expensive. Many have found themselves unprepared to pay the heft price tag that comes with going to college. Sadly, there are also many that forgo getting a college education altogether because they do not have the monetary [...]