5 Reasons Your Credit Score Matters During Retirement

5 Reasons Your Credit Score Matters During Retirement

Thoughts of retirement conjure up many things, perhaps including exotic travel, long walks and even a second career. Retirement is the prize after years of work. What probably doesn't come to mind when you think of retirement is your credit score.

Get with the Plan: Single man looking to retirement wonders about spending

In addition to vacations, Peter spends much of his leisure time taking ballroom dancing lessons an expensive hobby.

Parent Should Not Risk Retirement To Bail Out Son’s Mortgage

Q: My son is going through a divorce, his credit is terrible, and I am his only hope of keeping his home. I want to help him out, as I’m concerned about his ability to stay on top of things. We went over the figures, and if I lent him the money he needs,

How Fighting Back Will Make You Richer

Employees lost the lawsuit battle but won the retirement war.

Consumers back in business – if gas stays under $4

Everyone likes to talk about the latte factor when it comes to saving money. You know the theory: You could fund your retirement if you gave up spending $5 a day at Starbucks, right? (14 hours ago)

Retirement: The New Math of Personal Finance

Financial advice you’ve gotten in the past may have been misguided and miscalculated. Here’s how to make sure you’ve got enough saved up. (1 hour ago)

Pletschet: More 2010 investing resolutions to live by

Today, let’s continue with New Decade’s Resolutions, steps that you should take and temptations you should avoid as a means of successfully salting away money for retirement. (2 hours ago)

Try to avoid cashing out 401

Eileen Ambrose — Personal Finance You leave your job, and then face the question of what to do with your 401. If you’re like 46 percent of workers, you will cash out the account even though this money is meant for retirement. (1 hour ago)

Sun Life Financial Unretirement Index Reveals 65 Percent of US Workers Now Expect to Delay Retirement

WELLESLEY, Mass.—-The U.S. division of Sun Life Financial Inc. today released the latest edition of its UnretirementSM Index, which reveals 65 percent of American workers will delay their retirement by at least one year an 11 percent increase since the end of 2008. (1 hour ago)

Money and marriage

She cuts coupons and worries about retirement. He dreams of flat-screen TVs. (44 secs to go)