Good News, Bad News for Tax Refunds

Good News, Bad News for Tax Refunds

Americans are far behind where they should be when it comes to retirement savings, financial planners say, and everyone knows it's because U.S. consumers are the world's biggest spendthrifts and debt holders. When tax refunds arrive, personal f…

Best Friend Forever: 5 ways to avoid sabotaging your retirement savings

Your front porch sags, your kitchen is the size of a broom closet, and you can’t run the vacuum and the dishwasher at the same time without blowing a fuse. You’d love to buy a nicer house, but given the wretched state of the housing market, you’re prob…

Personal Finance Daily: On days like this, annuities look better than ever

Days like this are not helpful for the millions of Americans who are relying at least partly on the stock market to help grow their measly retirement savings. And I know for sure I don’t want to worry about the stock market gyrating like this when I’m happily retired. (19 hours ago)

Retirement Living: Women more worried about retirement finances — with good reason

The complexity of preparing financially for retirement can make anyone nervous — but a new survey finds women are more worried than men about the challenges ahead, particularly inflation, health-care costs and outliving retirement savings. (40 mins ago)

Personal Finance Daily: Medicare cuts averted, and longevity insurance considered

With the stock market in freefall and plenty of other economic news to keep one distracted, it’s easy to forget about some of the slower-moving crises ahead of us. Such as paying for Medicare. And the fact that many Americans without adequate retirement savings may outlive their assets. (1 hour ago)

With stocks down, it’s a prime time to boost retirement savings

Falling stocks are roadblocks to a comfortable retirement. At times like this, when the path looks especially rocky, it’s tempting to reduce your regular contributions to a 401 portfolio or other automatic investment plan. (9 mins ago)

Families tap 401

Families tap 401s to keep up with bills Trent Charlton knew the risks when he borrowed $10,000 from his 401 and cut his retirement savings in half. (2 hours ago)

Invest in learning to attract better opportunities

With the tighter competition of acquiring a job these days, a college education is important. Nowadays, students can find money resources for their college education that parents no longer need to sacrifice their retirement savings. Loan can be an example of financial aid that bridges the gap between a parent saving and tuition bills. Education [...]