Regulators name AIG, GE Capital potential risks

Regulators name AIG, GE Capital potential risks

WASHINGTON U.S. regulators have labeled insurer American International Group Inc. and General Electric Co.'s finance arm as potential threats to the financial system, designations that bring stricter government oversight.

Regulators and consumer advocates focus on senior identity theft

Identity theft is one of the most common complaints by older consumers Older consumers are no more vulnerable to identity theft than others, but they do tend to be victims of the types of ID theft that are on the rise cases involving tax returns and m…

Libor Reported as Rigged in 08 Crisis Proving Revelation in 12

Barclays Plc’s admission that it rigged the London interbank offered rate shows regulators, central bankers and politicians weren’t paying attention when everyone from Citigroup Inc. to the Bank for International Settlements indicated that the measure …

Shedding light on a hidden mutual fund fee

A proposal from regulators would require more disclosure on trailing commissions on products purchased through an adviser

Judge asks SEC to explain Bank of America actions

A judge on Tuesday ordered federal regulators to explain why they didn’t investigate whether executives at Bank of America Corp. misled shareholders about bonuses paid by Merrill Lynch. (2 hours ago)

EU says risky banks should pay more for bailouts

BRUSSELS, Belgium – EU regulators say riskier banks must pay a higher fee for the government cash bailouts that help them survive the crisis. They say each bank should pay a premium for the money it receives, based on the bank’s risk profile. (1 hour ago)

Keep your cash safe amid bank collapses

Bank failures are so rare that Americans typically take for granted that their money is safe. But after regulators last week seized IndyMac, a large California-based savings and loan, many bank customers nationwide are feeling uneasy. (1 hour ago)