Top personal finance tips that save me money

Top personal finance tips that save me money

I work as a personal finance writer at All About Money – which means I spend my days looking for ways to help people manage their finances and save a few pennies while they’re at it. It’s a great position to be in because I can apply everything I learn…

Benefit of higher credit score dwindles at top end

By EILEEN AJ CONNELLY AP Personal Finance Writer NEW YORK – (32 mins ago)

Ex-mutual fund CEO hits industry in book

Mark Jewell, AP Personal Finance Writer BOSTON Dan Calabria is a believer in mutual funds, imperfect as they may be: I consider them to be the worst investment in the world, except for everything else that’s out there,? he quips. (9 mins ago)

Identity Theft

Washington Post personal finance writer Nancy Trejos and Adam Levin, chairman of Identity Theft 911 LLC, discuss ways to protect yourself from identity theft. (38 mins ago)