NewsWatch: Intel posts 48% earnings jump, strong outlook

NewsWatch: Intel posts 48% earnings jump, strong outlook

Chip maker reports a 48% jump in earnings, and a sales outlook for the first quarter that topped Wall Street estimates. (4 hours ago)

NewsWatch: U.S. house prices tumble in October

According to data released Tuesday, six cities set new lows in October as the housing market remains divorced from the upturn seen in other parts of the U.S. economy. All 20 cities show declines. (2 hours ago)

NewsWatch: U.S. stocks face pullback predictions

After stocks rise to two-year highs in the latest week, market analysts say a retreat could be in the cards. (1 hour ago)

NewsWatch: U.S. stocks finish with daily, weekly gains

Some investors are questioning the latest employment data and forecasting an upward revision in coming weeks. (51 mins ago)

NewsWatch: U.S. stocks lifted by retail sales, Europe moves

U.S. stocks extend their biggest gain in three months as retailers beat Wall Street’s expectations and the European Central Bank says it will continue stimulus measures. (27 mins ago)

NewsWatch: Black Friday to bear on upcoming sentiment

Retail sales, both in physical stores and online, will likely set the market’s pace for the rest of the year. (3 hours ago)

NewsWatch: U.S. stocks rise for third-straight week

Worry about corporate profit growth and a weekend meeting of global finance officials put pressure on the Dow Jones Industrial Average on Friday, but the major indexes still managed their third straight week of gains. (9 hours ago)

NewsWatch: Apple, Google push Nasdaq ETF above April high

The PowerShares QQQ, which tracks the tech-heavy Nasdaq-100 Index, is the first major-market ETF to rise above its April high thanks to strength in its two largest holdings, Apple and Google. (8 hours ago)

NewsWatch: U.S. stocks to be fueled by Fed debate

The U.S. stock market in days ahead faces lots of economic reports likely to stir the ongoing debate on whether the Federal Reserve will step in with another round of Treasury purchases, also known as quantitative easing. (9 hours ago)

NewsWatch: Jackson Hole dispute: more economic medicine?

The U.S. economy is looking sick and the doctors are bickering about what, if anything, to do. That’s the broad takeaway from conversations at the Federal Reserve’s annual policy retreat in Jackson Hole, Wyo. (4 hours ago)