NewsWatch: U.S. outlook cloudier after weak jobs data

NewsWatch: U.S. outlook cloudier after weak jobs data

After a dismal employment report for May, catalysts for faster U.S. economic growth are hard to find. And the European crisis continues to act as a drag.

NewsWatch: U.S. stock gains hinge on Apple, blue-chip results

First-quarter earnings enter their second big week of the season with the likes of Apple, Exxon Mobil and Chevron dominating a stage shared with French election results and U.S. economic data.

NewsWatch: Microsoft beats targets with sales gain

Software giant tops forecasts, cuts operating expense outlook for the year. Investors awaiting launch of Windows 8 operating system later this year.

NewsWatch: U.S. consumers in economic driver’s seat

Investors will get a better idea of how Americans feel about the economy through reports this week on consumer confidence and individual spending. Economists are watching to see if a jump in gas prices starts to weigh on the mind of consumers.

NewsWatch: Japan recovery: Heroic bid may yet fall short

Nearly a year after a monster earthquake set off a chain-reaction of tragic events, Japan serves as a reminder of not only how far it has come from the catastrophic aftermath, but also how much more difficult its task remains.

NewsWatch: U.S. stocks rise after upbeat jobs report

U.S. stocks gain after data show the economy added more jobs than expected last month, furthering optimism that the American recovery continues.

NewsWatch: U.S. retail sales rise scant 0.1% in December

Data show a sales increase for U.S. retailers in December of just 0.1%, bucking expectations for stronger growth in receipts during the all-important holidays.

NewsWatch: U.S. gains 200,000 jobs in December

The U.S. added 200,000 jobs in December and the unemployment rate fell for the fourth month in a row, to 8.5%, in a fresh sign the economy is picking up and businesses are more willing to hire, government data showed.

NewsWatch: Fed, retail sales report to drive U.S. markets

Investors seen watching for signs of monetary policy changes and consumer spending.

NewsWatch: U.S. stock futures rise; Europe, data in focus

U.S. stock futures rise on Tuesday, tracking gains in European markets, as hopes remain high that euro-zone officials will take action to tackle the sovereign debt crisis.