Shedding light on a hidden mutual fund fee

Shedding light on a hidden mutual fund fee

A proposal from regulators would require more disclosure on trailing commissions on products purchased through an adviser

Vanguard’s free ETF trades a big early hit

Vanguard appears to have a hit on its hands. The index mutual fund pioneer is seeing a strong initial response to its offer of commission-free trades in its exchange-traded funds, a fast-growing business where Vanguard is playing catch-up. (3 hours ago)

ETFs have drawbacks

Q: I’m looking at liquidating my mutual funds and investing solely in exchange-traded funds. The lower fees are appealing, as is the ability to trade when I want during the day instead of being forced to sell at the closing price with a mutual fund. What do you think? (46 mins ago)

Ex-mutual fund CEO hits industry in book

Mark Jewell, AP Personal Finance Writer BOSTON Dan Calabria is a believer in mutual funds, imperfect as they may be: I consider them to be the worst investment in the world, except for everything else that’s out there,? he quips. (9 mins ago)

JOHN WAGGONER: Commissions eat into fund returns

People can tell you how to save money getting a picture framed, buying a stuffed moose head, or taking a pilgrimage to Lourdes. But today, we’re going to find out how to save money when you buy a mutual fund. (18 mins ago)

Extolling the value of the long view

The search for wisdom in personal finance will take you sooner or later to John C. Bogle, who founded Vanguard, created the first index mutual fund and still preaches the gospel of long-term, low-cost, diversified investing. (7 mins ago)

Invest in the best long-term performers

WITH the stock market plunging this year, it has been hard to unearth stock mutual funds with good performance records over one, three, five and 10 years, the requirement for the annual No-Load Stock Mutual Fund Honor Roll, that my wife, Fran, and I carry in our quarterly newsletter, Investment (11 mins ago)

Losses don’t always mean mutual fund is a loser

Do you have a mutual fund that’s a loser? One you hate? One that has been draining your 401 of your hard-earned savings since October? Say, for example, you have a mutual fund that invests in large companies a fund that might have large cap? in its name and invests in stocks like Google, Wal-Mart Stores and Exxon Mobil. (32 mins ago)