Trevor wants to hear from you

Trevor wants to hear from you

It’s that time of the year again – a chance to whisper your words of advice to Finance Minister Trevor Manuel on how the government should be spending its money. The National Treasury is again calling for you to send in tips on what you would like to see included in the national Budget. (9 hours ago)

College financial aid system facing stiff test

Finding financial aid for college this year promises to be tougher than any final exam. The quest for money that begins for students and parents every January has taken on new urgency in 2009 amid fears that loans and grants will be scarcer than in the past due to the recession. (19 mins ago)

EU says risky banks should pay more for bailouts

BRUSSELS, Belgium – EU regulators say riskier banks must pay a higher fee for the government cash bailouts that help them survive the crisis. They say each bank should pay a premium for the money it receives, based on the bank’s risk profile. (1 hour ago)

Ask AP: Bottom-up bailouts, gas pump tampering

If troubled automakers and banks need government bailouts, why not give their customers federally financed vouchers to help cover car and mortgage payments _ so both consumers and companies could benefit from the money? (43 mins ago)

Now is the time to manage savings

When it comes to your money, you may have trouble finding any reason to be thankful. With the stock market down sharply and many a bond fund hit by the credit crisis too, 401s and other savings have been brutalized by one of the worst financial disasters ever. Retirement might be looking like an unattainable dream. But you can be thankful for what you can control. (7 mins ago)

Retailers Ring Up Success With New Solutions Business Editors/software Writers

AP:MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–) _ Nov. 21, 2008– Small retailers want quick answers to three important questions: “What’s selling?” “Who’s buying?” And “How can I save and make more money?” (4 hours ago)

Your Money: Replacing Hank Paulson

When President-elect Obama takes office on January 20th, finding a suitable replacement for Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is one of his top priorities. AP Personal Finance Editor Trevor Delaney explains the role of treasury secretary.. (Nov. (3 hours ago)

Your Money: Tipping in Tight Times

With the sour economy placing strains on home finances, extending gratuities has become a difficult challenge. AP Personal Finance Editor Trevor Delaney offers suggestions for tipping in tight times. (42 mins ago)

Personal Finance Daily: A little talk might be the best treatment for the financial blues

When the stock market gets battered, Wall Street types like to talk about blood in the streets. That’s a figurative physical manifestation of the pain traders and investors feel when they lose money, especially when they lose a lot of it. (18 mins ago)

Harris: An opportunity for Web-based financial-services companies

The financial train wreck and the leaner, meaner economy represents opportunity for Web-based financial service companies, including a slew of Silicon Valley start-ups that have the express mission of helping individuals manage their money. (37 mins ago)