Negotiating College Financial Aid Takes Perseverance

Negotiating College Financial Aid Takes Perseverance

College expenses are staggering and going up. Financial aid in the form of scholarships, which are usually merit based, and grants, which are usually needs based, are free money for college that, unlike loans, don’t have to be paid back. The application

Credit Sesame Offers New Way for Consumers to Save Money on Loans

New Tool Finds Homeowners up to $600 a Month in Savings (23 mins ago)

Saving Thousands Using a Bi Weekly Mortgage Payment Plan

One of the most effective ways of saving money on loans is by using a bi weekly mortgage repayment plan. The reason why many money lenders are adopting this plan is because it helps to create a steady repayment method for money borrowers. This plan is also more in demand by both lenders and borrowers. [...]