As trading anxiety ratchets up, investors must plan for risk

As trading anxiety ratchets up, investors must plan for risk

NEW YORK — As the stock market regularly posts triple-digit swings and commodity prices jump up and down, it’s easy to understand why some investors are stressed out. (26 mins ago)

Investors await signs of ‘capitulation’

Profit warnings, breaches of key index levels, record oil prices, stressed consumers and investors seeking safety provide the background for markets this week, and many people are wondering how long this will all last. (35 mins ago)

Investors wait for news before their next move

The old worries about struggling consumers and sick financial institutions arose again last week. And shocking increases in oil prices burned away the tentative calm investors exhibited after the Federal Reserve helped to rescue Bear Stearns from a sloppy collapse in mid-March. (4 hours ago)

CBS to Purchase Online News Site CNet for 1.8 Billion

NEW YORK |CBS Corp. is acquiring a big online reach with its acquisition of CNet Networks Inc., but also a company that’s faced heavy criticism from investors. Those concerns as well as the hefty 1.8 billion price tag helped send CBS’s shares down after the deal was announced Thursday. (5 mins ago)

Thomson Financial UK at a glance share guide

LONDON – Leading shares look set to open a touch firmer after a lacklustre showing on Wall Street overnight and mixed performances in Asian markets Wednesday morning, with the BoE quarterly inflation report keeping investors busy, alongside a numbers of corporate earnings reports. (53 mins ago) Issues MarketStats on SUNV, FSLR, SPWR, ESLR and STP announces the availability of MarketStats on alternative solar-based equities in the news and driving markets today. MarketStats offers a perspective on the aforementioned equities and the opportunity for investors to respond with articles and opinions on the subject and sector. (8 hours ago)

Chuck Jaffe: Buying Treasury bonds is easier, but safety comes at a price

BOSTON — At a time when investors seem obsessed with safety and security, the Treasury Department this week quietly instituted a major change in the way people can invest in Treasury bills, notes and bonds. (2 hours ago)

Personal Finance Daily: ‘Stay put’ is best investing strategy now

Well, this is another fine mess Wall Street has gotten us into. It appears the markets and the economy are collapsing around our heads. What should ordinary investors do, if anything? (1 hour ago)

Stocks rebound in fractious session as investors seek bargains; economic concerns remain

NEW YORK ? Wall Street finished a back-and-forth session sharply higher Wednesday as investors sought bargains while also contending with concerns about the strength of the economy and upcoming corporate results. (56 mins ago)

13 Things You Wish You’d Known in 2007

Investors who paid attention during the last year gained some valuable insight that could help them make more money. (1 hour ago)