Treasurys prices rise on weaker economic data

Treasurys prices rise on weaker economic data

Investors sent government bond prices higher Thursday after reports on unemployment claims and first-quarter economic growth reinforced expectations that the economic recovery may be moderating. (7 hours ago)

Global Demand for U.S. Long-Term Assets Slowed in March

Global demand for U.S. long-term financial assets such as government bonds slowed in March as investors shifted into shorter-term securities and China trimmed its portfolio of Treasuries. (11 hours ago)

NewsWatch: Google shares in the red in after-hours trade

Investors pull the shares of the Internet search giant down late Thursday when the company posts an unexpected shortfall in quarterly earnings. (2 hours ago)

JPMorgan Leads $22 Billion Increase in U.S. Banks? Payouts

U.S. bank investors may be rewarded with an extra $22 billion annually after government tests showed the industry has regained enough strength to boost dividends and share buybacks. (6 hours ago)

Longer-tenor bonds for infrastructure

Investors have started showing confidence in the soundness and stability of fixed-income instruments, particularly sovereign liabilities as well as private and corporate bonds. (1 day ago)

Where the Money Is

Why investors shouldn’t bail on emerging markets now. (3 hours ago)

NewsWatch: U.S. stocks finish with daily, weekly gains

Some investors are questioning the latest employment data and forecasting an upward revision in coming weeks. (51 mins ago)

Profits in a Volatile Stock Market

Guidebook offers an all-access pass into financial markets for new and veteran investors (53 mins ago)

Taxing Times: Stock sales will soon bring new tax twist

Come January, brokers will be sending cost-basis information to the IRS when their clients sell investments. Investors should take note. Read that story and more in Taxing Times. (5 hours ago)

Personal Finance Daily: Fee disclosure doesn’t solve all 401 problems

Knowing how much your retirement-plan investments cost is essential, but investors need more. Read this story and more in today’s Personal Finance Daily. (6 hours ago)