Weak earnings drag US stocks lower in early trade

Weak earnings drag US stocks lower in early trade

NEW YORK After hitting a record high the day before, the stock market moved lower in early trading Thursday as investors reacted to disappointing results from Best Buy, Citigroup and the railroad operator CSX.

Barclays plans share issue to fill capital hole

LONDON Barclays, Britain's second largest bank, plans to issue new shares worth 5.8 billion pounds to shore up its capital and satisfy new regulatory requirements meant to prevent a repeat of the 2008 crisis. Its stock price plunged as investors…

Stock market has largely recovered, but more investors playing it safer

As Europe's debt crisis reached a boil earlier this year, John Began jettisoned his investments in stock funds with foreign holdings.

Three accused of earthquake recovery investment scam

The three acquired investors by word of mouth through acquaintances interested in investing. -Yomiuri Shimbun/ANN

Personal Finance Daily: Moves to make if the U.S. gets downgraded

Will the U.S. be staring down the barrel of another downgrade this summer? Robert Powell writes in his Your Portfolio column that while another downgrade is unlikely, some financial advisers are recommending that investors be prepared.

Commodities Corner: Investors underestimate opportunity in agriculture

Investors have been put off by weak performance in most agricultural markets, but prices at these levels may offer investors a good value for commodities the world can’t do without.

NewsWatch: Microsoft beats targets with sales gain

Software giant tops forecasts, cuts operating expense outlook for the year. Investors awaiting launch of Windows 8 operating system later this year.

NewsWatch: U.S. consumers in economic driver’s seat

Investors will get a better idea of how Americans feel about the economy through reports this week on consumer confidence and individual spending. Economists are watching to see if a jump in gas prices starts to weigh on the mind of consumers.

3 investments for an era of low interest rates

BOSTON – The Federal Reserve is making it increasingly hard for investors to earn anything, unless they're willing to accept plenty of risk. Ben Bernanke and his Fed are playing the role of advis

Stephen Foley: HP investors do not need a muckracking lawsuit over sex claims against ex-boss

US Outlook: There are too many claims and counter-claims to be sure what Mark Hurd, the ousted chief executive of Hewlett-Packard, really told the soft porn actress-turned-corporate hostess Jodie Fisher, but we can be pretty sure he was telling porkies…