IRS: Identity theft prosecutions double in 2013

IRS: Identity theft prosecutions double in 2013

WASHINGTON The Internal Revenue Service is seeing a big jump in thieves stealing Social Security numbers to fraudulently claim tax refunds, the agency said Tuesday.

7,500 tax dodgers apply for IRS amnesty program

Some 7,500 international tax dodgers have applied for an amnesty program that promises no jail time and reduced penalties for tax cheats who come forward, the Internal Revenue Service announced Wednesday. (1 hour ago)

Personal Finance Daily: Crooks prey on financial jitters to enrich themselves

The Internal Revenue Service does not send you emails and it does not call you on the phone. It relies on the good old U.S. Postal Service to deliver its missives. Nothing has ever changed in that regard. So you have to wonder how it is that people still get sucked into scams that start with an email or phone call from the IRS.? (1 hour ago)

Lessons Learned: A second chance for the one-time stimulus check

You say your income during 2007 was so high that you missed out on getting one of the economic-stimulus checks distributed by the Internal Revenue Service this year. Surprise! You have another chance to qualify for the rebate, based on your adjusted gross income for 2008. (4 hours ago)