FHA reverse mortgage losses may require bailout

FHA reverse mortgage losses may require bailout

WASHINGTON The Federal Housing Administration may need as much as a $1 billion rescue package before the end of the year to bolster its reserves despite efforts to shore up its finances with higher mortgage insurance premiums, a Senate subcommittee w…

Banks Haggle As Cpp Bid Deadline Looms

Britain's biggest banks are continuing to haggle over the terms of an insurance mis-selling compensation scheme that has threatened the future of CPP, one of the country's biggest providers of identity theft cover.

US bank earnings rose 21 pct in Q2, lending up

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. said Tuesday that the banking industry earned $34.5 billion in the second quarter, up from $28.5 billion in the second quarter of 2011.

Bogus PPI complaints 'hit 6,000'

Nearly 6,000 people put in bogus compensation claims to the Financial Ombudsman last year, saying they had been mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance, the BBC learns.

Storm Insurance

Are damages from summer storms covered under my homeowners insurance policy? Are there some things I can do in advance to protect my home from high winds and water? — C.E., Richmond

Answers on credit scores and federal deposit insurance

I reached into the e-mail bag and took two questions for this week. Keep the questions coming. I love to hear from you. QHello, Chris, I've been listening to you on the radio and reading your articles for many years and enjoy what you have to say.

Nationwide Adds Software Protection to Identity Theft Insurance

Nationwide Insurance has extended its ID theft insurance coverage by providing help with protecting personal information on home computers. The carrier’s newest product includes free access to software that helps thwart criminals from stealing informat…

How to drive your auto insurance lower

The ideal way to save money is to exert effort once and automatically reap savings over and over again, every month. That’s why examining your car insurance makes a lot of sense.

Jeff’s Personal Finance Basics #73 Employee Benefits Medical, prescription, vision and dental plans

Employee Benefits – Part 3 Medical, prescription, vision and dental plans Types of medical insurance Traditional indemnity or fee-for-service Early . . .

Health-care Fraud Runs Wide And Deep

With health-care insurance fraud on the rise, consumers, insurance providers and physicians are facing bigger headaches. Though conservative estimates such as that of the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association , NHCAA, put the problem at $60 billi…