Mortgage purchase demand rises

Mortgage purchase demand rises

Purchase applications for home mortgages rebounded last week, but demand for refinancing sagged for a second week in a row, an industry group said on Wednesday.

Montco plans to sue electronic mortgage registry for $15 million

NORRISTOWN Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds Nancy Becker plans to join a class action lawsuit against an electronic mortgage registry she alleges failed to properly record many home mortgages in the county.

Us Mortgage Applications Bounced Last Week

Applications for U.S. home mortgages rose last week, recouping some of the steep decline a week before as demand for both purchases and refinancing perked up, an industry group said on Wednesday.

Firm’s workers pay off debt with personal finance course

ST. LOUIS In March, Wisper Technology’s 22 workers owed $480,699 on car and student loans, credit cards, other consumer debt. That’s not counting home mortgages.

U.s. Downgrade Would Ripple Into Every Home

The ripple effect from a Aaa downgrade would be widespread and potentially severe, impacting everything from local municipalities and the neighborhood bank to home mortgages and student loans. (13 hours ago)

Mortgage applications declined last week: MBA

Applications for home mortgages fell last week, after a sharp bounce the week before, as refinance demand dropped and interest rates rose, an industry group said on Wednesday. (2 days ago)

Mortgage applications see biggest gain in 3 months: MBA

Applications for home mortgages saw their biggest jump in three months last week, fueled by demand for refinancing as interest rates continued to fall, an industry group said on Wednesday. (16 hours ago)

Heartland Bank partners with McBride on mortgages

Heartland Bank has formed a new joint venture with McBride & Son Homes to offer home mortgages. (10 hours ago)

The Inside-Out World of Home Mortgages

With 25% more to fall, and many houses under water by thousands of dollars, or hundreds of thousands, what’s the incentive to pay? If a borrower wants to work out a compromise in good faith, how can they know if they are negotiating with the right part…

New ‘cop on the beat’ working for consumers

DALLAS – Elizabeth Warren, who heads the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, said Friday that her first initiative at the new federal agency is to make the costs of home mortgages understandable to prospective borrowers. (40 mins ago)