Turn to State Higher Education Offices for Scholarship Help

Turn to State Higher Education Offices for Scholarship Help

As you look for scholarships, financial aid and the perfect college fit, there are a lot of familiar resources. These include scholarship search engines, the federal student aid database and high school and college websites. But one useful source that …

Housing And Higher Education Are Prime Examples Of Dangerously High Expectations

As the Status Quo manages perceptions to maintain the illusion that lofty expectations can still be met, it widens the gap between reality and those expectations. The inevitable snapback to reality will destroy institutional credibility and fatally und…

The University of Washington working hard to keep college affordable in hard times

The Washington state Legislature has greatly reduced its financial support of the state’s higher-education institutions. University of Washington President Michael K. Young writes about how UW costs per student are kept well in hand, even if state cuts…

Personal finance: A move toward more debt-free graduates

With the exorbitant amount of money needed to pay for higher education nowadays, I am so happy to see that an increasing number of colleges are stripping student loans from the financial aid offers they send to students. (8 hours ago)

Start planning for college financial aid in high school

Every year, the price of college tuition increases and the cost of getting higher education becomes even more expensive. Many have found themselves unprepared to pay the heft price tag that comes with going to college. Sadly, there are also many that forgo getting a college education altogether because they do not have the monetary [...]