Oklahoma Makes Personal Finance Mandatory for High School Students

Oklahoma Makes Personal Finance Mandatory for High School Students

A law passed in 2007 and beginning in May will require teachers to certify students' working knowledge of banking, taxes, investing, loans and more.

Financial education: Does your state make the grade?

A passing grade? The effort that states put into teaching high school students about personal finance. Personal-finance topics are included in the state’s educational guidelines, but the state does not require that local school districts teach these to…

Texas A&M University president talks admissions, traditions with King High School students

Texas A&M University’s “Aggie War Hymn” came to life in the King High School library Monday with about 15 prospective students and high school staff singing along with the college president.

Websites Help With Making The Big College Decision

It’s that time of year when many high school students receive their college acceptance letters and their financial aid packages. (3 hours ago)

Real world training at Sequoyah High School

Sequoyah High School students will get a crash-course in personal finance when the school opens a new in-school bank in the fall. "We, as educators, are very excited to provide students with a different kind of opportunity to learn. At Sequoyah, thinking beyond the traditional is encouraged. (23 mins ago)

Kevin DeMarrais: Never too early to learn basics

It’s about time. The New Jersey State Senate is finally getting around to requiring high school students to learn a few basics of consumer finance something I’ve been advocating for more than 10 years. (2 mins ago)

Alamosa High School students participate in National Future Business Leaders Conference

ALAMOSA Attending the National Future Business Leaders Conference in Atlanta, Ga. was very exciting. Three students graduated from the Institute for Leaders. They were involved in a variety of learning experiences. (4 hours ago)