Negotiating College Financial Aid Takes Perseverance

Negotiating College Financial Aid Takes Perseverance

College expenses are staggering and going up. Financial aid in the form of scholarships, which are usually merit based, and grants, which are usually needs based, are free money for college that, unlike loans, don’t have to be paid back. The application

Oregon county releases inmates amid budget cuts

Inmates smile at their new freedom Wednesday, May 30, 2012, after being released from the jail in Grants Pass, Ore., due to layoffs of guards forced by the failure of a tax increase.

Debit card dings draw complaints at LCC

Driven by student displeasure about high and unusual fees they are being charged, Lane Community College may drop or change its contract with Higher One, the company the college has paid for five years to disburse grants, scholarships and loans to st…

Bank's grants are helping tornado victims

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati has a program in which homeowners and renters who were displaced or who suffered damage to their primary homes might be eligible for grants of as much as $20,000 toward the purchase, construction or repair of a …

High-tech task force is on hunt for grants

CENTRAL POINT The funding methods for the Southern Oregon High-Tech Crimes Task Force are just as complicated as the high-tech evidence they track.

As College Tuition Rises, Expert Articles Show How Company Stock Grants & Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Can Help

As the cost of higher education soars, smart financial and tax planning for college funding has become more important than ever. (18 hours ago)

College financial aid system facing stiff test

Finding financial aid for college this year promises to be tougher than any final exam. The quest for money that begins for students and parents every January has taken on new urgency in 2009 amid fears that loans and grants will be scarcer than in the past due to the recession. (19 mins ago)