Financial Aid Help for First-Gen College Students

Financial Aid Help for First-Gen College Students

Navigating the waters of college financial aid is tricky business. Just ask Daniel Madzelan, a retired U.S. Department of Education official of more than three decades. Madzelan readily admits the federal financial aid process could be much simpler.

Can financial education help a person to make better decisions?

WELL-INFORMED, well-educated consumers can create economic ripples? according to Jeanne M. Hogarth of the US Federal Reserve Board in her paper, Financial Education and Economic Development presented at the 2006 Financial Literacy International Confere…

Federal Reserve to disclose more details on plans for low interest rates

The Federal Reserve, which took aggressive action in response to the U.S. financial crisis and more recently to help keep European banks in good health , has been divided for months over whether to take major new actions to bolster the nation’s slow ec…

Columnist: Extension offering financial, tax help

CONSUMERS’ CORNERBY DIANA STONE Editor’s note: Diana Stone recommends this program through Purdue Extension that provides free tax help to Hoosiers. She has provided this information through Purdue Extension. Contact her at 392-6460 for more informatio…

Financial Help For Military Members

U.S. military members and their families have unique rights and services for fixing their finances. (13 hours ago)

Finance expo draws hundreds

With Hawaii’s poor economy and the threat of a massive layoff of state workers, hundreds of residents attended the Personal Finance Expo yesterday to seek financial help and advice from professionals. (9 hours ago)

Fidelity Launches Comprehensive Financial Guidance Program to Help Americans Navigate Through Challenging Economic Times

BOSTON—-In response to the challenging economic conditions impacting the financial security of many Americans, Fidelity Investments today announced the launch of a comprehensive financial guidance program called Guide to Personal Savings, or GPS. (57 mins ago)

Financial tips can help new college and university graduates

NEW YORK – After Sandra Hanna graduated from college, she moved back to her parents’ home so she could save some money. A year later, she moved out with a stash of $8,000 to help pay for her new life. (2 hours ago)