Personal Finance blog: More Father’s Day wisdom from readers

Personal Finance blog: More Father’s Day wisdom from readers

Our Sunday column on Father’s Day wisdom, readers and financial experts shared what they learned from their own Dads, as well as what they’re passing along to their own kids.

Mortgage rates will hit 14pc within two years

Mortgage rates may climb to 14 per cent within two years, financial experts have warned. (12 mins ago)

Financial experts see only muted rebound this year

CHICAGO The U.S. economy may be on track for recovery later this year but growth is likely to be muted, unemployment elevated and government regulation of markets on the rise. (19 mins ago)

Beware the hidden agendas of ‘experts’

Financial ‘experts’ offer many different opinions about where stocks and the economy are headed. How do you tell who’s right? The Answer Desk, by John W. Schoen. (3 hours ago)

Investors caught between theory and emotion

CHICAGO — The advice from financial experts has been painfully repetitive during weeks of decline in the markets: A bottom should be near. History says stocks always bounce back. Don’t sell now and miss the recovery. (3 hours ago)

Experts: Steer clear of stocks if college, retirement are near

With the market continuing to tank, who should have the least invested in stocks or get out of the market entirely? Parents with a kid’s college fund and a child entering college in the next two years would make the list, according to financial experts. (4 hours ago)