Personal Finance Daily: Second-act careers as a financial adviser

Personal Finance Daily: Second-act careers as a financial adviser

Second-act advisers bring more to the table than just knowledge and experience from their previous professions. Perhaps that’s why just 11% of the current pool of 300,000-plus advisers began their careers as advisers. Find that story and more in today’…

Personal Finance Daily: Moves to make if the U.S. gets downgraded

Will the U.S. be staring down the barrel of another downgrade this summer? Robert Powell writes in his Your Portfolio column that while another downgrade is unlikely, some financial advisers are recommending that investors be prepared.

Consumer Focus research does more harm than good

I wrote an article in the Sunday Telegraph in 2004 with the headline Brokers get paid £1.5bn for doing nothing?. Not surprisingly, it provoked an angry response from financial advisers. (57 mins ago)

Beware free gift of advice

PERSONAL FINANCE: Award-winning writer Simon Bain continues his series on how to beat the credit crunch. This week he looks at the independence or otherwise of financial advisers (5 hours ago)

Personal Adviser: How Madoff’s Ponzi scheme can make you a smarter investor

The Madoff case, and the circus that’s surrounding it, does offer some lessons that can make us smarter about financial advisers and personal finance in general. (22 mins ago)