smart spending

smart spending

Americans’ feelings about their financial security cratered in early August, following the downgrade of the nation’s credit, negative stock market volatility and disappointing economic news. (2 hours ago)

Personal Finance Daily: The job-market and consumer news is good, and bad

Remember Dr. Doolittle’s pushmi-pullyu? It was a two-headed animal — a llama-like creature in the older movie — that couldn’t decide which direction to go. The economic news of late feels a lot like that. (2 hours ago)

Personal Finance Daily: Medicare cuts averted, and longevity insurance considered

With the stock market in freefall and plenty of other economic news to keep one distracted, it’s easy to forget about some of the slower-moving crises ahead of us. Such as paying for Medicare. And the fact that many Americans without adequate retirement savings may outlive their assets. (1 hour ago)