Shedding light on a hidden mutual fund fee

Shedding light on a hidden mutual fund fee

A proposal from regulators would require more disclosure on trailing commissions on products purchased through an adviser

Personal Finance Daily: With 401 disclosure, some fees still hidden

The deadline is looming for employers to provide their workers with information on the costs and fees attached to their 401 plans, but it looks like the new disclosure won’t be simple, short or sweet, Andrea Coombes writes today in her Ways and Means c…

Personal data for 228,000 in SC compromised

Christopher Lykes Jr., 36, of Swansea, was arrested Thursday and charged with five counts of violating medical confidentiality laws and one count of disclosure of confidential information, according to SLED.

Disclosure won’t stop the scandals

Proposed rules that will attempt to tame the financial advisory sector are being churned out by the Government, hurrying to get the new regime in place for next year. (4 mins ago)