How healthy are your personal finances?

How healthy are your personal finances?

Personal finances can be tricky. When should you invest; when should you save; how much of a loan should you take out? There are going to be a lot of decisions made ad hoc and some planned years in advance; Continue reading

Can financial education help a person to make better decisions?

WELL-INFORMED, well-educated consumers can create economic ripples? according to Jeanne M. Hogarth of the US Federal Reserve Board in her paper, Financial Education and Economic Development presented at the 2006 Financial Literacy International Confere…

Wesabe’s New ‘Value Engine’ Reveals Aggregate Spending and Satisfaction Data to Help Consumers Make Better Decisions

Social personal finance website Wesabe announced the launch of a new “Tips” feature that provides customized, side-by-side comparisons of competing businesses across a number of data points. (24 mins ago)

A survival guide for the unemployed

Just lost your job? These 12 tips will help you find ways to cope, from keeping up your spirits to prioritizing your spending. If you’ve just lost your job, the decisions you make in the coming days and weeks may be critical to your financial survival. (2 hours ago)

How Much Money Can You Invest for Your Home?

Purchasing a home is just like a dream come true. However making the right decisions on how to invest money in it is essential. This would also include a strong understanding of what are your limitations before you go out to hunt a home. The facts are very simple to understand. See how much money [...]