Stock market has largely recovered, but more investors playing it safer

Stock market has largely recovered, but more investors playing it safer

As Europe's debt crisis reached a boil earlier this year, John Began jettisoned his investments in stock funds with foreign holdings.

Consumer debt seen rising’again

The financial crisis prompted consumers to start paying down their debt, but even with the economy far from recovery, that decline in consumer debt is expected to reverse.

U.S. Home Loan Banks Overexposed in Europe, Audit Finds

The U.S. Federal Home Loan Banks? unsecured lending to foreign institutions skyrocketed last year as the European sovereign debt crisis intensified, raising concerns about their risk management, an auditor’s report said today.

NewsWatch: U.S. stock futures rise; Europe, data in focus

U.S. stock futures rise on Tuesday, tracking gains in European markets, as hopes remain high that euro-zone officials will take action to tackle the sovereign debt crisis.

Jennifer Openshaw: How Europe’s debt crisis hits your wallet

The European debt crisis can hit consumer’s pocketbooks three ways: market volatility, bank safety and stability and by denting U.S. trade and jobs.

Positive signs in U.S. recovery

Consumers are saving more and reducing debt, behavior that could lead to a more sustainable economy. Signs of slower growth in the United States, coupled with rising fears over the European debt crisis and other unsettling developments, are fueling con…

International investing: The whole world in your portfolio

A primer on how to make overseas investing work for you If you’ve heard about the turmoil in overseas markets — the demonstrations in Greece, the Federal Reserve Board’s investigation of Wall Street’s role in hiding the debt crisis there and talk of a possible default — then I’m guessing you’re a tad worried about what all this might do to your investments. (14 mins ago)

ING’s $11.2B Rights Issue Comes In at 52% Discount

ING may wish it chose a different day to raise cash as the Dutch bank’s $11.2 billion rights issue came in at a 52% discount Friday amid a plunge in global markets sparked by Dubai’s debt crisis. (31 mins ago)