Your Credit Score Sucks Because of Identity Theft

Your Credit Score Sucks Because of Identity Theft

Here are the five most common credit report errors and how to fix them.

5 Reasons Your Credit Score Matters During Retirement

Thoughts of retirement conjure up many things, perhaps including exotic travel, long walks and even a second career. Retirement is the prize after years of work. What probably doesn't come to mind when you think of retirement is your credit score.

11 common credit card goofs

Whether due to confusion or carelessness, credit card mistakes are all too common. The fallout can be costly, no matter what the cause. Even a single slip-up can result in higher interest rates, lower credit limits, unwanted fees or dings to a credit s…

Susan Tompor: Consumers unsure about credit score

Is someone's age going to stop them from getting a top-notch credit score? Will whether you're married, divorced or single be figured into the calculation of a credit score? Does race influence the score?

Credit score identity crisis

Last week, a FICO study found that the percentage of Americans with credit scores near perfect was at the highest level in three and a half years. That's something to cheer about, but the report also highlighted one of the mysterious factors in the…

How $5 ruined her credit score

Even a small bill can hammer your credit rating if it goes to collections. Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself.

Why Your Credit Report Matters More Than Your Credit Score

Focusing only your credit score is like focusing only on your cholesterol number or your age — the number’s important, but not as important as how you got there.

Money tip: It pays to know what goes into a credit score

Credit scores can be kind of scary. Perhaps that’s why there seem to be so many myths and misperceptions about exactly what’s in a credit score.

Buying a house? Not with your credit score

Dear Dr. Don, I have a credit score of 494 and work two jobs, but I still don’t make more than $2,200 per month, including my child support. Would I be able to buy a house with my income?

Loan rejections soon to come with explanation

SACRAMENTO, Calif. If you’re not feeling a lender’s love, you’ll soon know exactly why you got jilted. As of July, if a lender denies you a credit card, a car loan or other loan product based on your credit score, you’re entitled to a free copy of tha…