Readers Write: The future of retail is 'buy local'; The key to Africa's economic growth

Readers Write: The future of retail is 'buy local'; The key to Africa's economic growth

In the second, we read that having Amazon and Target credit cards may be a smart personal finance choice. My vision of retail would be that consumers seek out local stores for all their purchases and, only as a very last resort, turn to the big chains …

Pair arrested in Tulsa on federal identity theft charge

Two people have been charged in a federal criminal complaint with engaging in an identity theft conspiracy that reportedly involved the use of the names, dates of birth and Social Security numbers of others to obtain credit cards, gift cards and cellph…

Money Insider: Despite their high rates, these credit cards are good news

This week saw the launch of another credit card advertising an actual percentage rate in excess of 35 per cent. Surprisingly, I'm not going to rant about the extortionate-looking interest rate, but focus on the positive, ie the option it gives peo…

Remaining Jackson brothers going on tour

Fifteen of the worlds most famous banks have gotten a downgrade. Downgrades could hurt people in smaller ways Banks may jack up fees and might be reluctant to lend, which could affect mortgages, credit cards and even the job market.Service that used to…

Government launches credit card complaint database

The government is launching an online database of complaints about credit cards. The public can see what types of complaints people have filed against any bank that issues credit cards.

Firm’s workers pay off debt with personal finance course

ST. LOUIS In March, Wisper Technology’s 22 workers owed $480,699 on car and student loans, credit cards, other consumer debt. That’s not counting home mortgages.

Tips to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft

As many as 9 million Americans have their identities stolen each year, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Identity thieves may use your personal information to access your financial accounts, open credit cards, even rent an apartment in your name.

Seven Ways Fed Policy Affects Your Pocketbook

Fed policy affects mortgages, credit cards, auto loans and other products that charge interest. (15 hours ago)

Late fees are down: the sequel

Wow, we haven’t seen late fees this few and far between since 1994. That’s right, for those who crave good news about our economy, here’s some: Late payments to credit cards are (13 hours ago)

Medical credit cards have unusual pitfalls

Diane Lafata figured that financing $5,500 for dentures on a medical credit card was a doable deal. (8 hours ago)