Consumer debt seen rising’again

Consumer debt seen rising’again

The financial crisis prompted consumers to start paying down their debt, but even with the economy far from recovery, that decline in consumer debt is expected to reverse.

Brazil Shows How Too Much Consumer Debt Can Threaten An Economy

Brazil has risen to number six among the world's economies. As it finds itself caught between prosperity and a past of poverty, it's dealing with a pervasive problem: lots of household debt.

Rolling back student loan debt clock

Everyone knows that student loan debt is on the rise.  In fact, last year, the amount of outstanding student loan debt overtook consumer credit card debt levels for the first time. 

MICHELLE SINGLETARY: Many people are buried in student debt

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York says that overall consumer debt dropped about $60 billion to $11.66 trillion in the third quarter of 2011. But as consumers cut their mortgage and credit card debt, they were loading up on student loans.

Firm’s workers pay off debt with personal finance course

ST. LOUIS In March, Wisper Technology’s 22 workers owed $480,699 on car and student loans, credit cards, other consumer debt. That’s not counting home mortgages.