Negotiating College Financial Aid Takes Perseverance

Negotiating College Financial Aid Takes Perseverance

College expenses are staggering and going up. Financial aid in the form of scholarships, which are usually merit based, and grants, which are usually needs based, are free money for college that, unlike loans, don’t have to be paid back. The application

What's the Most Important Reform for College Financial Aid?

Student loans are both a necessary part of our higher-ed system and, potentially, the next debt bomb to take down the economy. What's the best way to responsibly encourage students to keep learning after high school?

4 other bloggers enter our No-spend Zone

This Sunday marks a changing of the guard at our No-Spend Zone blog. University students Ali Bair and Brian Macpherson have been blogging about the ”College Crunch” as they try to hold their expenses and college loans down while trying to keep their grade-point averages up. (25 mins ago)