Weak earnings drag US stocks lower in early trade

Weak earnings drag US stocks lower in early trade

NEW YORK After hitting a record high the day before, the stock market moved lower in early trading Thursday as investors reacted to disappointing results from Best Buy, Citigroup and the railroad operator CSX.

U.S. bank profits continue gains

Bank of America is the latest of the big U.S. financial institutions to release strong earnings figures, after Citigroup and Goldman Sachs earlier this week.

Libor Reported as Rigged in 08 Crisis Proving Revelation in 12

Barclays Plc’s admission that it rigged the London interbank offered rate shows regulators, central bankers and politicians weren’t paying attention when everyone from Citigroup Inc. to the Bank for International Settlements indicated that the measure …

Treasury Secretary’s Account Paid Mortgage?

Man allegedly paid mortgage debt to CitiGroup with money order backed by then-Treasury Secretary Paulson (6 hours ago)

Citigroup Increases Credit Card Interest Rates

Avoid credit card problems as Citigroup increased credit card interest rates. (13 mins ago)

Citigroup reportedly to sell Japanese brokerage

In an ongoing restructuring effort, Citigroup plans to sell its Japanese retail brokerage, The Wall Street Journal reports. (3 mins ago)

How Thinking Costs You

Four months ago, judging myself to be the next Warren Buffett, I logged on to my Charles Schwab account and did something that in hindsight was astonishingly stupid, even for my own very long roster of financial screw-ups. I clicked over to the trading page and bought shares of Citigroup. (2 hours ago)