FHA pressured to change interest rule

FHA pressured to change interest rule

FHA’s practice of charging borrowers interest on their home mortgages for weeks after they’ve paid off the entire principal balance has drawn criticism for a decade.

5 Common Private Student Loan Complaints

Borrowers report not making enough to pay back their loans, among other issues.

FHA retreats on tough new credit rules for borrowers

The policy change would have affected borrowers who have one or more collections or disputed-bill accounts on their national credit-bureau files, where the aggregate amounts were $1,000 or greater.

Home Economics: Designing the ideal, repayable mortgage

During the housing boom, a borrower’s ability to exhale appeared to be the chief criterion for obtaining a mortgage. Six years of record foreclosures later, with millions of borrowers owing more than their properties are worth, the housing market conti…

Student loan debt buries borrowers

Consumers are pulling back on their debt except in one noticeable, troubling area.

Financing a Vacation Home – Mortgages

Borrowers for second homes should expect bigger down payments, higher interest rates and other standards tighter than on a principal residence. (4 hours ago)

Regulating mortgage brokers right step

WASHINGTON — There are lots of proposed remedies to prevent another mortgage catastrophe like the one we’re going through now. Most of the suggestions I’ve seen won’t fix the loopholes that allowed so many borrowers to take on mortgage loans they couldn’t afford. (3 hours ago)

Saving Thousands Using a Bi Weekly Mortgage Payment Plan

One of the most effective ways of saving money on loans is by using a bi weekly mortgage repayment plan. The reason why many money lenders are adopting this plan is because it helps to create a steady repayment method for money borrowers. This plan is also more in demand by both lenders and borrowers. [...]