FHA reverse mortgage losses may require bailout

FHA reverse mortgage losses may require bailout

WASHINGTON The Federal Housing Administration may need as much as a $1 billion rescue package before the end of the year to bolster its reserves despite efforts to shore up its finances with higher mortgage insurance premiums, a Senate subcommittee w…

Satyajit Das: The Spanish Bailout?, Whoops Assistance?!

On 11 April 2011, then Spanish Finance Minister Elena Salgado stated: I do not see any risk of contagion. We are totally out of this.? A little over a year later, Ms Salgado and her party are no longer in power and Spain is well and truly in it .

Euro On Pause As Portugal Debt Auction Raises Bailout Chatter

The euro barely budged on Wednesday, as traders took a wait and see approach to developments in the Middle East, where political unrest threatens to de-stabilize the region. (2 hours ago)

Market Commentary and Intraday News

PNC Financial Services Group Inc. CEO James E. Rohr received compensation of $16.6 million in 2009, nearly double the total of 2008, but much of it was restricted stock to comply with government limits placed on companies that took bailout money. (6 hours ago)

UH Bauer “Bailout: What’s Next” Panel to Feature Academic, Banking, Small Business, Personal Finance Experts

HOUSTON—-As the U.S. enters a period of financial uncertainty marked by falling stock prices and a credit crisis, many people have questions about what to expect in the months ahead. (32 mins ago)

What’s in the bailout for you?

The historic bailout bill urgently passed and signed into law Friday allows the Treasury almost complete discretion to purchase $700 billion of mortgage-backed securities and other troubled assets obstructing lending. (23 mins ago)

Personal Finance Daily: Where is bailout for homeowners?

Just how free? do we want our free-market economy to be? Not free enough that the U.S. central bank can’t swoop in and save a big Wall Street brokerage firm. (1 hour ago)