Here’s how to protect against identity theft

Here’s how to protect against identity theft

Q: Could you provide some information on protecting yourself against identity theft? I am retired with a limited income and modest assets so I can’t afford to have anything happen. A: Identity theft occurs when someone manages to obtain another indiv

Barclays can keep billions related to Lehman buyout, US judge rules

Barclays scored a significant legal victory in the US last night in its long tussle over billions of dollars of disputed assets from its acquisition of Lehman Brothers in 2008.

Bank Of New York To Face Irs In Court Over Tax Shelters

In November 2001, Bank of New York, a mid-tier U.S. bank, transferred nearly $8 billion of its own assets to a trust in the small, business-friendly state of Delaware through several layers of newly created companies.

Franconia doctor has fight on his hands to obtain seized assets

NORRISTOWN Prosecutors are fighting an elderly Montgomery County doctor’s request that the $967,000 in assets seized from him be returned while he awaits trial for allegedly prescribing painkillers to drug addicts.

Borders proposed liquidation to impact local stores

Borders bookstores announced plans Thursday to liquidate its assets and close all 399 of its stores, including two in the Rochester area. (5 hours ago)

Report: How States Are Fleecing Foster Children

Advocates Document Confiscation of Foster Children’s Assets by State Governments& Increase in Identity Theft (55 mins ago)

Infratil shares rise

Shares in infrastructure investor Infratil rose 3c to 168 today on news that the company, in a 50/50 consortium with the New Zealand Superannuation fund, has finalised the purchase of Shell New Zealand’s downstream assets. (38 mins ago)

EXCLUSIVE: Treasury Delays Selection of PPIP Fund Managers

The Treasury Department has delayed until early June naming the initial investment managers for its pending program to purchase securities backed by toxic assets from banks in partnership with private investors, according to a new government document. (2 hours ago)

Personal Finance Daily: Go to cash today and you’ll carry a long-term burden

Investors don’t just have a button they can push and magically transform all their assets to cash; it takes individual sell orders, and that costs money. Also, unless you intend never to return to equities again, you are likely to have guaranteed you’ll mistime the market upon your return. (33 mins ago)

Personal Finance Daily: Medicare cuts averted, and longevity insurance considered

With the stock market in freefall and plenty of other economic news to keep one distracted, it’s easy to forget about some of the slower-moving crises ahead of us. Such as paying for Medicare. And the fact that many Americans without adequate retirement savings may outlive their assets. (1 hour ago)