Personal finance apps Pt 1: budgeting with your iPhone

Personal finance apps Pt 1: budgeting with your iPhone

There is no shortage of personal finance apps out there. But the problem is choosing one that does what it needs to with ease and as little cost to you. In the first of a series of Continue reading

Mortgage Apps Rise Even as Rates Soar

Rates on U.S. home mortgages surged to the highest level in close to two years last week.

MoneySmart apps

Penny pinchers have a lot to be thankful for in the information age. Rather than schlep-ping from store to store comparing prices, search engines fetch our merchandise and list them starting at the lowest price first.

Acer Iconia Named Winner of Last Gadget Standing; 2.0 Named Winner of Mobile Apps Showdown Contests

With all eyes on the hottest tech toys and applications, Living in Digital Times today announced that Acer Iconia has been named the winner of Last Gadget Standing; and 2.0 has won the Mobile Apps Showdown at International CES 2011. (1 hour ago)

5 Personal Finance Apps for the iPad

New tools help you budget, track your portfolio and find deals. (3 mins ago)

Review: BlackBerry App World simple, light on apps

NEW YORK – I’m typing this in between perusing Facebook, trying to master a guitar-simulation game and listening to Internet radio on my smart phone. (4 hours ago)