Measure R can help build tennis courts. Or, a new school.

Measure R can help build tennis courts. Or, a new school.

Photo by David James Heiss, For the Record Gazette The $929,000 Banning High School pool, built by El Monte-based Condor Inc. For the time being, tennis is the only sport offered at Banning High School that cannot be played on campus. (5 mins ago)

Save money by monitoring your own credit

Identity and credit monitoring services can be pricey and don’t always cover everything you think. (5 mins ago)

Jason Alderman: A Few Thoughts on Financial Literacy

What rational person believes that learning how to make a meaningful budget, understanding the wise use of credit, and saving aggressively for your future is a bad idea? (5 mins ago)

Little room to haggle on student debt

Dear Dr. Don, I have student loans outstanding after graduating from college in 1997. I consolidated these loans long ago and the rate is quite high, 8 percent. We filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy two years ago, and while our financial situation is turning around, money is tight. (5 mins ago)

DuPont, Linnaeus Plant Sciences Strike Deal to Accelerate Production of Camelina Oil

DuPont has entered into a licensing agreement with Linnaeus Plant Sciences to accelerate the development of Camelina oil. (5 mins ago)

Stock investors brace for another ugly September

The economy is weakening, home sales are plunging and stocks are on a long slide. Now comes something even scarier for investors _ the beginning of what is traditionally the worst month in the market. (5 mins ago)

Qatar- IBQ’s Al Yusr Ijara home finance solutions launched

Qatar- IBQ’s Al Yusr Ijara home finance solutions launched (5 mins ago)

Nintendo interim profits plunge more than half

Nintendo said today that its interim net profit plunged by more than half and it slashed its full-year forecasts due to a sharp drop in sales of its hit Wii video game console. (5 mins ago)

Upbeat notes from the trough

Even in the depths of a downturn, Indian consumers and companies are surprisingly confident, putting the country on top. (5 mins ago)

London close: Recession talk sparks sell-off

With the Prime Minister seconding the opinion of Mervyn King, governor of the Bank of England, that the UK is on the brink of recession, equities predictably went into sharp reverse today. (5 mins ago)