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Discount grocery helping in many ways

A local for-profit grocery store is benefiting non-profit works and feeding the hungry.

Obama isn't paying bills: Atmos Energy warns against utility scam

Stock photo – Atmos Energy, a natural gas utility that serves several cities in the Metroplex, is warning its customers of the latest Utility Bill Scam? to hit five states.

Foreclosure counseling available in valley

When the real estate and housing boom went bust in the Wood River Valley several years ago, hundreds of homeowners found themselves unable to keep up with mortgage payments.

Personal Finance: New push helps educate you about college aid

Getting into college is hard enough. Paying for it? That can be even more intimidating.

Personal Finance Daily: With 401 disclosure, some fees still hidden

The deadline is looming for employers to provide their workers with information on the costs and fees attached to their 401 plans, but it looks like the new disclosure won’t be simple, short or sweet, Andrea Coombes writes today in her Ways and Means column.

Australians' medical treatment impacted by privacy concerns

Australians are withholding information from healthcare practitioners due to concerns about the security of their personal data, resulting in variations in the treatment they receive, according to a recent survey.

By Pallavi Gogolap The Associated Press

NEW YORK When a major bank's credit rating is cut, it deals a psychological blow to customers, the public and financial markets. So Thursday's downgrading of 15 of the world's largest banks is almost sure to cause wide concern.

Facing the reality of retirement

Survey once again finds workers aren't saving enough. And employers could be more helpful.

Remaining Jackson brothers going on tour

Fifteen of the worlds most famous banks have gotten a downgrade. Downgrades could hurt people in smaller ways Banks may jack up fees and might be reluctant to lend, which could affect mortgages, credit cards and even the job market.Service that used to be free now have a price. Business, A7

Williams' new home is windfall

Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams has a new home and at least 53 new fans.