The Holidays Are Prime Time for ID Theft

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The Holidays Are Prime Time for ID Theft

Our shopping habits put us at greater risk for identity theft during the holidays.

7 ways to stop student loans from ruining your life

Millions of students in the U.S. are defaulting on their college loans. Here are some tips to help ensure the debt load remains manageable.

How These Entrepreneurs Found a Catchy Way to Teach Students Financial Literacy

Flocabulary, a company that makes educational hip-hop songs and videos for grades K-12, will use the same medium to teach kids about personal finance.

BofA and U.S. Bancorp Settle Lawsuit for $69M

Major banking bellwethers Bank of America Corporation and U.S. Bancorp settled a Securities Class Action lawsuit for $69 million.

Lawsuit: Obama Immigration Officials Pressured Attorney To Overlook Illegal Alien Duis And Id Theft

A career attorney with top ratings at Immigration and Customs Enforcement says that she faced retaliation from superiors for refusing to drop cases pending against illegal aliens guilty of DUI, identity theft, and other crimes.

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When traveling down the long road toward financial freedom, it can sometimes be hard to keep your eyes looking forward toward your financial goals. With all the pleasures and distractions in life, those big financial goals can fade into the mist while …

7 Tips for Finding a New Bank

If overdraft fees and ATM charges have become a routine part of your financial life or the place where you keep your cash just isn't meeting your needs for other reasons, it might be time to look elsewhere. Take a step back and identify where thing…