How Seriously Should You Take Retirement Savings Calculators?

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How Seriously Should You Take Retirement Savings Calculators?

You punch some numbers into a retirement calculator, and the results are so frightening you want to run away: It says you should have $500,000 saved by now. Or $1 million. Or is that $2 million for a couple? Or maybe it's eight times your salary.

Market flags another year of steady rates

The futures market has priced in a steady cash rate until mid-2016, which would nearly double the RBA's previous fence-sitting record.

Secrets of an Identity Thief

Convicted felon points out a few mistakes people make that can turn them into identity theft targets.

US new-home sales creep higher in September

New single-family houses sold at an annual rate of 467,000, up 0.2 percent from the revised August rate of 466,000, the Commerce Department said. "This volatile report on US housing shows how difficult it has been to push sales of new homes higher…

Mis-selling Investments: FCA Bans and Fines Paul Reynolds for 'Reckless and Deliberate' Recommendations

The Financial Conduct Authority has banned former financier Paul Reynolds from the industry and has fined him £290,344 for recklessly recommending high-risk investment products to eight retail clients, when he knew that he could not justify their suit…

Why You Should Move Your Savings to an Online Bank

The Internet bestowed many gifts upon humanity: instant communication, the ability to stay in touch with friends and family, access to details when news breaks, cat videos. But one of the best gifts in recent years has been the online-only bank.

4 Hobbies That Could Wreck Your Credit Score

In our busy and hectic world, finding a way to relax is essential. Picking a hobby you enjoy and engaging in it regularly is a great way to wind down from a tough week.

Obama unveils new measures to stem identity theft

Washington – US President Barack Obama on Friday ordered "pin and chip" security measures for government payment systems, aiming to stem the proliferation of credit card fraud and identity theft.

How to Save Future Generations From Financial Illiteracy

The events of the past few years — from the housing market collapse and resulting Great Recession, to the painstaking economic recovery — have made it clear that we know far too little about how to responsibly manage our money.

Identity theft? President's under-used credit card declined in a New York restaurant

WASHINGTON – The Secret Service is charged with protecting the president, but who's watching his wallet?