4 Ways to Protect Your Teen From Identity Theft

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4 Ways to Protect Your Teen From Identity Theft

Since this age bracket tends to have squeaky clean, blank credit reports, identity thieves prefer to steal from kids. Until your son applies for that first student loan or credit card, he won't have a clue he has been targeted. So what can you do t…

6 Personal Finance Lessons All High School Graduates Should Know

Only 17 states in the U.S. require high school students to take a personal finance course, according to a 2014 survey by the Council for Economic Education. Whether they're going on to college, entering the working world, joining the service or tra…

Arpaio defends raids that target immigrant workers

PHOENIX The sheriff for metropolitan Phoenix has vowed to continue his business raids that target identity theft by immigrant workers despite a lawsuit that alleges the tactic is discriminatory.

5 Reasons So Many Seniors Fall Victim to I.D. Theft

An alarming 45% of all consumer identity theft complaints last year came from Americans over the age of 50.

There's something broken in America's financial aid system

College financial aid offices are seriously falling short when it comes to educating students on loans.

Personal Finance: Financial ABC’s for Kids

Money forms part of our everyday lives and financial literacy gives us the ability to make informed and sound money management decisions on a daily basis. Decisions such as purchasing goods, saving and investing can all be executed correctly if there i…

Our New Stealth Jet Can’t Land

The Pentagon’s gazillion-dollar Joint Strike Fighter can’t pull off maneuvers that older jets were doing in the early 60s. Who’s to blame?

Personal Finance: Six Months to Save for December Holidays

Eunice Sibiya, Head of FNB Consumer Education Booking holidays late in the year often means paying higher rates for travelling and accommodation, making holidays a pricey affair. There is a solution, however, which doesn’t include incurring debt or ban…

The great college aid game: Landing a full ride after a year of suspense

This is the final article in a series following five New Rochelle High School seniors on their quest for college financial aid. On a chilly Saturday in late April, Matisse Clayton faced her future. After months of struggling through the intricacies of …