The $874 million student loan fraud industry

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The $874 million student loan fraud industry

This fairly new form of identity theft is on the rise, and it costs about $874 million, with the government losing around $187 million.

Tips for Keeping Your Travels Identity Theft Free

Business trips are stressful enough without a side of identity fraud.

Woman detained over identity theft

RIYADH – The Ministry of Justice has ordered the arrest of a woman at the office of a notary public for impersonating another woman.

Doctors nationwide victimized in ID theft fraud

HARTFORD, Conn. Many doctors and other health care professionals nationwide have been victimized this year by identity theft used to fraudulently obtain federal and state tax refunds and their numbers are growing, medical industry and government off…

Why Most of Us Want Personal Finance Taught in High School

The data suggest way too many Americans don't possess the knowledge to handle their own money properly, and 33% of adults don't want to talk about it with their kids.

Heartbleed Used by Identity Thieves in Phishing Scam

As many security experts predicated, scammers are exploiting the news of the Heartbleed Internet-security bug, sending unsuspecting citizens email messages asking them to log into sensitive accounts.

3 Things to Know About Bond Funds

Interest rates are at or near record low levels. You get virtually nothing on your savings or certificates of deposit, interest rates on home mortgages are low, as are interest rates on bonds. Investing in bond mutual funds is a challenge for investors…

At a glance: How to avoid tax refund fraud

As the April 15 tax filing deadline approaches, tax refund fraud is a growing problem. Here are tips from the federal government on how to avoid becoming a victim and how to respond if you have become one.

Why Does It Still Feel Wrong to Make More Than Your Husband?

Farnoosh Torabi, personal finance expert and author of 'When She Makes More,' earns significantly more than her husband. And society, starting with her very own mother, has a hard time with that.