5 Reasons to Try a Two-Week Spending Freeze

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5 Reasons to Try a Two-Week Spending Freeze

If you follow many personal finance or frugal living blogs, you know that the term "spending freeze" has been hot in the blogosphere the last couple of years. Instead of masking boredom with an expensive dinner out, for instance, you could ho…

Genworth Financial Has Rocket Growth and the Price Is Right

There's lots of upside potential for this focused insurance provider.

Why you’re losing money by stashing cash in a savings account

In personal finance, it’s the little things that seem to have the biggest impact.

Identity theft leads top consumer complaints in U.S.

Consumers in the U.S. lost $1.6 billion due to various types of fraud. Identity theft is at the top of the list of consumer complaints in 2013, according to Federal Trade Commission’s annual report.

Five apps to help you manage your finances

Expense Manager by Markus Hintersteiner will allow you to keep note of how much you are spending easily, manage your monthly overheads and set a monthly limit. You can't move your money around your accounts and OnTrees doesn't hold any of your …

Coming: Buying Groceries Online with Food Stamps

Today's forecast for management decisionmaking.

How oversharing on Internet can lead to identity theft

Washington, Mar. 10 : As Internet is a free virtual world, one cant help but overshare on it, keeping less in mind how it could lead to preposterous consequences, including identity theft. However, such information could potentially pose risk to one&#3…

Id Thieves Took Less Money Last Year

Don't relax, though. Identity theft is happening all the time, literally.