Number of mortgage accounts in arrears FELL last quarter

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Number of mortgage accounts in arrears FELL last quarter

The decrease is the first reported since the Central Bank began taking records in September 2009.

Better job news sends stocks higher; Dow at 16,000

NEW YORK Encouraging news on the U.S. job market pushed stocks higher on Wall Street Thursday, sending the market toward some big milestones.

Five Rules To Improve Your Financial Health

Learn five broad personal finance rules that can help get you on track to achieving specific financial goals.

Damage to city budgets: Some was self-inflicted

Interest rate swaps were supposed to help cities save money on municipal bonds for public projects. Instead, they've turned into municipal bombs.

Toronto man hopes identity-theft 'nightmare' has ended

A Toronto tradesman says he hopes a nearly decade-long "nightmare" has come to an end, after someone allegedly used his identity for years and ran up tickets and unpaid taxes in his name.

Wells Fargo to cut 925 jobs as refinancing drops

Washington – Wells Fargo, the biggest US mortgage lender, said Thursday it would cut a further 925 jobs in its home lending business due to a decline in refinancing.

Five things teens don't know about money

Financial literacy among teens is low, despite persistent efforts to improve matters. But what teachers say teens don't know may surprise you.

76% of American teens concerned about online privacy: Survey

Johannesburg, Nov. 08 : A recent study has revealed that a growing number of American teenagers are worried about their online privacy and the possibility of identity theft. The report by the Family Online Safety Institute found that 76 percent of teen…

3 Signs You're About to Be Scammed

Quot;I was suspicious because the price was $1,300, and it should have been around $3,500," says Fawn Parrish, 57. After listing the car for $1,200 in an advertisement, he received an inquiry from a middle-aged couple and met them at the bus stati…

Self-described personal finance whizzes flunk bank quiz

Canadians are flunking when it comes to financial literacy, according to a new report from BMO Financial Group.