More area home mortgages considered underwater’

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More area home mortgages considered underwater’

A new report shows slightly more Des Moines-area homeowners have mortgages that are considered underwater, meaning they owe more on their loan than their home is worth.

Mortgage’s Impact on Winning Financial Aid

Whether you have a mortgage can affect how your child qualifies for college financial aid.

Personal Finance Daily: Best careers for people with student loan debt

New findings show that some college graduates won’t be debt-free until they’re about to become grandparents.

Regulators and consumer advocates focus on senior identity theft

Identity theft is one of the most common complaints by older consumers Older consumers are no more vulnerable to identity theft than others, but they do tend to be victims of the types of ID theft that are on the rise cases involving tax returns and m…

FHA pressured to change interest rule

FHA’s practice of charging borrowers interest on their home mortgages for weeks after they’ve paid off the entire principal balance has drawn criticism for a decade.

Personal Finance Daily: What economists won’t tell you

Why the future of the economy is as tough to predict as the weather.

Tips on Budget Vacation Planning

Taking a summer vacation without breaking the bank can make for a more enjoyable time. Personal Finance Expert Lauren Lyons Cole explains.

FHA reverse mortgage losses may require bailout

WASHINGTON The Federal Housing Administration may need as much as a $1 billion rescue package before the end of the year to bolster its reserves despite efforts to shore up its finances with higher mortgage insurance premiums, a Senate subcommittee w…

On Mother's Day and every day: Scary mommies are no joke

Regardless of who earns the paycheck, there should not be different maternal standards, writes Weldon.