Mortgage Applications Skid as Interest Rates Jump

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Mortgage Applications Skid as Interest Rates Jump

Interest rates on home mortgages rose last week to hit their highest level in over a year, hurting demand from potential homeowners.

Personal Finance Daily: Second-act careers as a financial adviser

Second-act advisers bring more to the table than just knowledge and experience from their previous professions. Perhaps that’s why just 11% of the current pool of 300,000-plus advisers began their careers as advisers. Find that story and more in today’…

How to protect yourself from identity theft

According to the Federal Trade Commission, South Florida is number one on the list for identity theft complaints, which includes Palm Beach County. Port Saint Lucie ranks number 7.

HCC financial aid deadline next month

The Henderson Community College financial aid office is processing financial aid for the fall 2013 semester.

Top personal finance tips that save me money

I work as a personal finance writer at All About Money – which means I spend my days looking for ways to help people manage their finances and save a few pennies while they’re at it. It’s a great position to be in because I can apply everything I learn…

Personal Finance blog: More Father’s Day wisdom from readers

Our Sunday column on Father’s Day wisdom, readers and financial experts shared what they learned from their own Dads, as well as what they’re passing along to their own kids.

Al Franken May Succeed in Simplifying the Financial Aid Process

Anyone who has ever applied for college financial aid knows how confusing it can be.

The Identity Theft Flu: 5 Ways to Stay Healthy

Identity theft is a lot like the flu. You can do everything right, but if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, you’re toast.

Dad Wonders About Plus Loan, Tax Savings

College financial aid offices don’t give tax advice, but we tackle school loan questions.

Personal Finance Daily: The best countries for new moms

Expectant parents all over the world considered moving to Finland last week after the BBC reported that Finnish mothers get 105 days of paid maternity leave and free daycare.