Banks Haggle As Cpp Bid Deadline Looms

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Banks Haggle As Cpp Bid Deadline Looms

Britain's biggest banks are continuing to haggle over the terms of an insurance mis-selling compensation scheme that has threatened the future of CPP, one of the country's biggest providers of identity theft cover.

Can Brazil Teach the U.S. about Financial Literacy?

As the BRIC nation rises in economic prominence, its secret weapon may increasingly need to be personal finance education.

5 Reasons Your Credit Score Matters During Retirement

Thoughts of retirement conjure up many things, perhaps including exotic travel, long walks and even a second career. Retirement is the prize after years of work. What probably doesn't come to mind when you think of retirement is your credit score.

Rand Paul's beef with immigration reform bill: the E-Verify system

The Senate immigration reform bill will have a prominent challenger when it comes up for a final vote in June: Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky.

States take action on immigration bills

State legislatures across the nation are taking up immigration laws, and many proposals were introduced or signed in conjunction with May Day immigrants' rights rallies. The changes create a state-by-state patchwork, but the overall effect has embo…

No charges for fake CTV engineer

Australian Federal Police won't prosecute a man involved in the CTV building design who earlier stole the identity of an English engineer.

ii2P Announces that its Innovative Product, MyLOK Password Manager, is Now Available at the Home Shopping Network

Dallas-based ii2P LLC, a leading provider of digital identity management solutions, today announced the widespread availability of the company’s smart-chip based USB password management solution, MyLOK, at

Constitution Check: Who has First Amendment rights in the workplace?

Lyle Denniston looks at a recent Court of Appeals ruling that bars the National Labor Relations Board from forcing employers to publicly list employees? union rights in the form of a poster.

Rita Ora used as bait in new Facebook cyber scam

Rita Ora's famous "wardrobe malfunction" has come back to haunt her – it's now being used as bait by cyber criminals.

Who Says Personal Finance Software is Dead?

With the proliferation of online money-management tools, many consumers assume financial desktop software is defunct and worth burying in the graveyard of outdated computer products. A number of experts, however, say desktop products are arguably more …