Tax season cautions Tax season cautions More>>

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Tax season cautions Tax season cautions More>>

Consumers should protect themselves against online identity theft and other scams that increase during and linger after the filing season. The IRS has issued its latest "dirty dozen" list of tax scams, including schemes involving return prepa…

FHA retreats on tough new credit rules for borrowers

The policy change would have affected borrowers who have one or more collections or disputed-bill accounts on their national credit-bureau files, where the aggregate amounts were $1,000 or greater.

Shedding light on a hidden mutual fund fee

A proposal from regulators would require more disclosure on trailing commissions on products purchased through an adviser

U.S. Home Loan Banks Overexposed in Europe, Audit Finds

The U.S. Federal Home Loan Banks? unsecured lending to foreign institutions skyrocketed last year as the European sovereign debt crisis intensified, raising concerns about their risk management, an auditor’s report said today.

Protect yourself from these 5 online scams

More and more consumers are comfortable making online transactions, but there are risks you should be aware of

Why Privacy Is Big Business for Trial Lawyers

Tech companies that make privacy mistakes can expect a lawsuit. During his career as a litigator, David A. Straite has sued money-losing hedge funds and polluting solar-panel makers. These days he has a new hunting ground: the Internet.

Discount grocery helping in many ways

A local for-profit grocery store is benefiting non-profit works and feeding the hungry.

Obama isn't paying bills: Atmos Energy warns against utility scam

Stock photo – Atmos Energy, a natural gas utility that serves several cities in the Metroplex, is warning its customers of the latest Utility Bill Scam? to hit five states.

Foreclosure counseling available in valley

When the real estate and housing boom went bust in the Wood River Valley several years ago, hundreds of homeowners found themselves unable to keep up with mortgage payments.

Personal Finance: New push helps educate you about college aid

Getting into college is hard enough. Paying for it? That can be even more intimidating.